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About me

Hi, my name is Ksenia, I'm a Toronto-based scenic artist  and I love creating beautiful things. All of my life I have been drawing and making art. That craving to express myself artistically led me to theatre and design.  I started my career in Saint-Petersburg, Russia by working with multiple theatres and stage production companies.

In 2010 I decided to take another step towards self-realization and moved to Canada where I enrolled in Humber College’s Theatre Production Program.


After graduation I started my scenic paint career in Ontario entertainment industry. For the next years I’ve been a part of different  theatre, TV and film productions as well as working with multiple display   companies doing all sorts of  projects. 

My artistic skills include but are not limited to scenic paint, sculpting, molding and casting, working with soft goods and building small and big props.I also have a vast experience in project managing, budget estimating, hiring and supervising crews, concept developing and visualization of the project. 

I love the challenges of understanding designers' vision and bringing it to life, as well as getting an opportunity to design the customer's ideas. I treat every project individually and have high standards of quality. I have a variety of experiences working just by myself, as a part of a team or as a team leader and I feel comfortable in any of those roles. 

 I hope that my passion for painting is seen in every  project that I’ve done.